Thursday, January 7, 2010

Range of Morion DVD and Workshop for Personal Trainers and Corrective Exercise Specialists

I know that things have been quiet from me but
I have been waiting for the technology in HFPN to catch up to it's
original plan.

I have waited all I can wait and I can wait no more!!!

I have am putting some stuff together and know you will love it. You
will have the nitty gritty details in the next couple of weeks. For
now here is the big picture.

I am running a workshop on February 20th here in Natick, MA with a
colleague of mine who is an amazing physical therapist, Todd Forman.
We will be bridging the gaps between a squat assessment, multiplanar
transitional assessments and goniometry. YES!

We will be covering all of this, with goniometry in a 1 day workshop.

It will be game changing and the A-Team will have first crack at it.

I have also worked out a deal with Todd to get my A-Teamers that are
in my HFPN group a copy of the DVD "Goniometry for Personal Trainers"
that we shot last month DIRT CHEAP.

So Happy New Year and keep an eye out for the links to the
Goniometry/Range of Motion DVD and the Range of Motion Workshop on

Eric Beard
"The average person spends most of their life going to work. Do
something that you love and you will spend your days going to life
while others waste their lives at work."
Eric Beard


  1. I heard it said like this once "Choose a job you enjoy and you won't have to work a day in your life" I love training!! I don't think I'm going to work more like going to have fun helping others!!