Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PRO is live!


Go to, fill out registration, at step 4 enter 12745 for sponsor HFPN ID A-team is live!!!


PRO Almost Live!!!

We are getting closer! I have been in close contact with Ben Tucker,
President of NASM PRO and Wendy Batts, Head Trainer for NASM PRO
and we are all getting excited for the launch!

There has been a slight adjustment to the platform name site address big deal. I will give you the site address as soon as it is live.

NASM has spent years refining this platform and the final product
will surpass any of our expectations.

Make sure you follow the link that I give you and
enter the CODE I give you! I will send this out as soon as it is
tested and ready for you to use.

This is a one shot deal and you will miss out on
all of the amazing benefits from our community including but
not limited to; Insider Webinars, early access to presentations and
interviews that NO ONE else in the world will have until AFTER YOU,
business building, coaching on marketing and Internet Marketing
and much much more!!!

Keep an eye on your email. There is a chance that my group will get

Can't wait! Keep changing lives!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A-Team Still Here! Ignore Howling Mad Murdock! He Just Needs Some Corrective Exercise.

Hi A-Teamers,

NASM and NASMPRO getting close to launching and we can make the transition the A-Team to that site, it has not slowed us down by any means however. I wanted to let you know that I finished and (finally!!!!!) launched my 6 disc DVD series The Secrets ad Staples of Training The Athletic Shoulder. It came you great!

If you want a free video that touches on the importance of technique and corrective exercise for the rotator cuff then go to and the video there will show you how to improve activation of the rotator cuff by up to 30%!

You can check out the DVDs from there...Let me know what you think!

Make a difference today!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team