Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A-Team Still Here! Ignore Howling Mad Murdock! He Just Needs Some Corrective Exercise.

Hi A-Teamers,

NASM and NASMPRO getting close to launching and we can make the transition the A-Team to that site, it has not slowed us down by any means however. I wanted to let you know that I finished and (finally!!!!!) launched my 6 disc DVD series The Secrets ad Staples of Training The Athletic Shoulder. It came you great!

If you want a free video that touches on the importance of technique and corrective exercise for the rotator cuff then go to http://athleticshoulder.com and the video there will show you how to improve activation of the rotator cuff by up to 30%!

You can check out the DVDs from there...Let me know what you think!


Make a difference today!

Eric Beard
CEO A-Team

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